Numis Silver BMW Program

Numis Network’s 6 Star Silver BMW Program

The Numis Network lifestyle isn’t just about vacations and trips to exclusive destinations. For example, we encourage our Representatives to show the world their success through our 6 Star Silver BMW program. This program gives hard working Reps the opportunity to earn a 7 Series or 6 Series silver BMW. Our BMW Program is an incentive reward offered to distributors who achieve and maintain the position of 6 Star Representative or above.

The 6 Star Silver BMW program includes a one-time, $5,000 bonus for 6 Star Representatives who meet the program’s qualifications. The first Representative to earn this ultimate status symbol was none other than Ray Higdon. Representatives who qualify for this program, acquire a qualifying BMW, and properly communicate their acquisition of their car to Numis Network will qualify for monthly bonus payments according to their rank, volume, and adherence to our BMW program guidelines. Meeting these requirements is the first step towards becoming eligible to receive a monthly BMW Bonus.

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